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Fundraisers MUST be paid a fair hourly wage based upon the real living & London living wage.

Members MUST pay the equivalent of the real living wage (or London living wage) as an hourly rate (excluding bonuses) to all employees (not a mean average) & may choose to uptake certification with the living wage foundation

All fundraisers MUST be paid a guaranteed wage for the hours that they work.

Fundraisers MUST have employment rights including, but not limited to sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave etc.

Where agencies sub-contract work, said sub-contractors must meet these same standards.

Agency member applications from Directors & Shareholders of agency members whom have previously brought the sector into disrepute for code breaches shall be assessed on a case by case basis by the standards committee.

Members MUST have demonstrable professional development policies.

Members MUST have fair & inclusive recruitment processes that give an honest representation of the F2F sector.

Members MUST have demonstrable workplace bullying & whistleblowing policy.

Members commit to always abide by the fundraising code of practice.

Members are committed to the Better Business Act

As leaders in the F2F sector members MUST share within the alliance their policies & processes to demonstrate best practice & compliance

More information on our standards, membership & governance can be found in our founding document here

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