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F2F Alliance welcomes the new real Living Wage.

The F2F Alliance welcomes the news today that the Real Living wage is increasing by more than 10% to £11.95 per hour in London and £10.90 for the rest of the UK. The much-publicised cost of living crisis in the UK is a real threat to the living standards of people in all sectors, including the Charity sector. The Alliance believes that our sector should set the standard and ensure every single person working within it is guaranteed a fair wage that enables them to live with dignity and navigate this crisis and beyond.

With shared priorities and by working together, Charities, Agencies and all staff can support each other through these challenging economic times in a way that guarantees people’s fair treatment, well-being and ensures nobody is exploited, whilst also ensuring the quality of work and treatment of donors in the sector remains high. With this in mind, we would strongly encourage all Charities to consider working with suppliers who pay the Real Living Wage.

We urge all suppliers in the Charity Sector and beyond who are not currently members (and of course Charities themselves) to find out more information and to sign up for the foundation here.

‘Charities can be proud of and reassured by the fact that if they work with an agency that pays the real Living Wage then everyone they employ will have a fair rate of pay, that is constantly reviewed and linked to the cost of living that enables them to live well and not have to cut corners to secure a viable rate of pay’ Liam McEntegart, Chairperson the F2F Alliance.

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